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Meet the Team

Jodi A. Quas, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology, Social Behavior, and Nursing Science

Memory development, effects of stress and trauma on children, and children’s in the legal system. Specific research topics include strategies to improve children’s memory accuracy; the effects of stress on memory; emotional regulation and physiological reactivity and children's functioning; and consequences of legal involvement on child victims, witnesses, and defendants.


Rachel Dianiska, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

Program of research investigates the influence of various cognitive and developmental processes to issues such as interviewing and credibility assessment, the development of false memories, and the influence of lying on memory for the truth. Current research topics include best practices for interviewing adolescent victims and witnesses.


Kirsten Domagalski

Doctoral Student

Research interests: the malleability of memory, youth’s engagement and experiences in the juvenile justice system.


Katie Hardin

Doctoral Student

Research interests include understanding the root causes of violence and strategies to reduce the consequences of violent behavior. Currently, she is researching perceptions of youth sex trafficking victims, which has implications for identification and education.

Stacy Metcalf

Doctoral Student

Program of research concerns the experiences and consequences of adversity exposure (e.g., maltreatment) on child and adolescent development. More specifically, how adversity affects socioemotional functioning and how contextual factors (e.g., policy changes, societal events) impact youths’ experiences and trajectories. 

Shreya Mukhopadhyay

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: Risk and resilience, especially among maltreated youth; relational interventions; and experiences of maltreated youth in navigating the dependency system and criminal justice system.

Emma Simpson

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: Memory development, child and youth involvement in the justice system.

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View Adolescent and Childhood Experience Lab alumni here.

Stephanie Taylor

Doctoral Student

Research Interests: child labor trafficking, resiliency in survivorship, prosecution of labor trafficking in the United States. 

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